Fortune Pay Rewards and Points

Daily check-in with Fortune Pay

In these times, coupons are what we live for. It is a budget line item especially when you are in a tough financial situation. But how do we really earn them?

Assuming you have downloaded the Fortune Pay app, there are easy steps to earn your daily log points that are convertible to coupons or vouchers. Stay with me, here’s how:

All you got to do is open your Fortune Pay app, and tap your check-in tab. As you tapped in your check-in tab, click your “Check in and earn points,” and you’re done.

To get the points at the end of the week, you must check in every day straight until you finish that week’s daily log-in.

When you want to check your daily log points history, you can tap the “check my history” tab to monitor if you have accomplished the seven-day check-in points from previous weeks.

Keep this up and get a chance to get more coupons discounted from your future purchases.

Check-in rules:
1.Customers have to check in every day to claim their points. Each day has different points to claim

2.Keep checking in and tally your reward points for redemption of coupons for billers and vouchers for partner merchants.

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