Fortune Pay Rewards and Points

A daily check-in with Fortune Pay

In this time and age, coupons are what we live for. It is a budget line item, especially when you want to save more and lessen your daily expenses. But what’s great with Fortune Pay is that you get to earn points and convert them to coupons for bigger and better savings.

So, how do we earn points?

Here’s a quick and easy way to claim points by just doing a daily check-in on the Fortune Pay App:

Step 1: Open your Fortune Pay mobile application

Step 2: Click the “Claim” button to collect the points

Step 3: Go to rewards and “points center” to see the total points earned.

The rules for claiming points by doing the daily check-in are simple!

•          Check-in daily for seven (7) consecutive days, missing 1 day of app check-in will automatically reset to day one

•          One (1) Coupon is allowed for every transaction only

It’s fun when it’s more! Get excited to earn these daily points:

Day 1: 4 Points

Day 2: 4 Points

Day 3:  8 Points

Day 4:  12 Points

Day 5:  4 Points

Day 6:  4 Points

Day 7:  4 Points

Terms and conditions:

•Fortune Pay has the right to refuse to give rewards to accounts that have malicious or fraudulent activities and to those who will abuse and manipulate the system

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