How to create Fortune Pay coupons

Six easy steps to redeem your coupons

Six easy steps to redeem your coupons

In these uncertain times, opting for things that can help us save money is always a good deal. The hindrance to spending tends to stick to a pattern of continually allocating your money to bills alone – ending up distressed over the tabs you still have in line.

Fortunately, Fortune Pay can give you a line of coupons as your privilege as you pay your bills with ease and comfort. Here’s how to redeem your discount coupons:

•Open your Fortune Pay app;
•Go to the Points Center;
•Tap Redeem Points;
•Tap Redeem Discounts Coupon;
•Select which biller you want to incorporate your coupon to; and
•Choose how much you want to deduct from your bill.

If you want to use your discount coupons

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