Shop SOMAGO and pay using Fortune Pay!

Shop SOMAGO and pay using Fortune Pay!

What is SOMAGO?

SOMAGO Philippines is the first-ever shopping platform in the Philippines that offers consumers to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers from the Philippines and China.


What can you do with SOMAGO?

Shop SOMAGO Online for Electronics, Fashion, Appliances, Shoes, Box,  Suitcase & more!

How to Sign-up?

Be a SOMAGO Member and Avail Exclusive Discounts!
Just 2 easy steps to register members! Select from the following option:

Step 1

✓ Mobile Number
✓ Email Address
Or for quick Registration

Log in via

✓  Google Login
✓  Facebook Log in
✓  Twitter Authorization

Step 2

 Make sure to verify and enter your OTP before any purchase.
Reminders: Please make sure to bind at least 2 of the Registration Method for backup recovery.  

How to Order?

Step 1:  Search a term or brand you want to purchase

Step 2:  Select the size, color, and/or quantity

Step 3:  Select Buy Now or Add to the chart to continue shopping.

Step 4:  Head over once the selection of products is done & Order confirmed

Step 5:  Select or Add Shipping Address

Step 6:  Add a Voucher or use points, and then click the Submit Orders button.

Step 7:  Select Mode of Payment.

Step 8:  Check order details and confirm payment.

Step 9:  Place order successfully. Click the “Fortune Pay” payment option

Step 10: On the payment options click “Fortune Pay wallet”

Step 11: Check order details and fill in your mobile number details.

Provide OTP to complete the purchase

You will be prompted to “Order Successful”! 


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