The Queens of Fortune Pay

by Nazarene Leyco


                                                                     The Queens of Fortune Pay


Though the e-wallet industry is driven by stiff competition mainly from the big players, Fortune Pay is definitely coming in for the crown.

As the country’s most exciting and promising e-wallet company, Fortune Pay wants to reshape the digital ecosystem and bring the competition to new heights by providing a more customer-centric, friendly, accessible and secure services.  

Currently the Philippines is seeing continuous growth in its mobile payment transactions, ranking only second to Malaysia in the Southeast Asian market with a 63% market penetration rate.  Likewise, digital adoption in the country is growing at an increasing rate from 2013 to 2020. 

Despite these developments, cash remains king and is the preferred and dominant payment method among Filipinos.

Realizing this and the opportunity to help empower many consumers, Fortune Pay CEO Erica Yang commits to offer a better, more affordable, yet safe and secure digital payment options.

“We are now living in the digital age and with all these technologies available to everyone, power has shifted from companies to consumers, the mobile phone has become the remote control of our lives, and we want to foster this cashless economy in the Philippines,” the dynamic CEO exhorts.

To further demonstrate her resolve in empowering consumers, she explained that this requires  educating the public about available technologies and delivering an innovative and convenient payment solution to the market.

To achieve this, Fortune Pay recently tapped the services of pageant royalties, Patrixia Santos, Naela Alshorbaji, and  Diana Mackey to support the company in informing the public of the products and services it offers.

These ladies who are winners and esteemed in their own fields, will closely work with Fortune Pay as the company’s influencers, a move that is seen to better educate the public about digital finance in the country.

Santos, and Alshorbaji  are former Ms. Earth winners while Mackey is a former PBB housemate and plans to follow the footsteps of the two. They will help FP educate the public about their e-wallets and the best available products and services in the market.

Fortune Pay will soon release contents of these influencers in its various social media channels, and on other online and offline advertisements promoting the products and services of the company. 

It's a tap away with Fortune Pay!

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