Enjoy convenient cashless transactions when you use Fortune Pay at any one of our large (and still growing!) number of partner merchants!

Partnering up with Fortune Pay opens up a multitude
of new possibilities for you and your brand.

Here are some reasons why you should go with Fortune Pay:


By providing our merchants the ability to accept digital payments at low transaction fees without the need for an expensive POS device, Fortune Pay is a more cost efficient alternative to other payment methods.

Marketing Exposure 

Being one of Fortune Pay�s merchant family means being included in marketing and promotional initiatives, improving your business� store traffic and general brand visibility and reputation.

Real-time Reporting 

Take advantage of Fortune Pay�s accurate, real-time internet based transaction history and reporting capabilities to properly manage, assess and optimize store sales.

Faster Settlement

All transactions using Fortune Pay will be settled directly to the merchants� bank account on the next business day, improving cash flow and funds management.

Customer Convenience

Fortune Pay�s simple, intuitive and efficient mobile payment service would enhance customer satisfaction and definitely improve your business� relationship with your customers.

Easy Integration

Unlike other payment options, Fortune Pay boasts an efficient single platform integration process that only requires a few easy steps.

Safety and security

Fortune Pay is built on the most secure standards that greatly reduce merchant risk and exposure to fraud.

Increased sales

Given Fortune Pay�s efficiency in improving customer satisfaction, guaranteed return business as well as the potential for new customer will boost revenue.


Enjoy the benefits of being a Fortune Pay Partner Merchant with the following steps:


 Download the merchant application form and fill up all required details. 


Email scanned copy of merchant application form to Indicate Merchant Application / [your company name] as subject.


Our account executive will get in touch with you on the next steps of your application within 1 to 2 working days.

View list of requirements here!

Leading the society towards
a cashless future.




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